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Trad climbing safety course

BMC Women’s Ready to Rock Courses

A 1 day course based from Hathersage in the Peak District. BMC Women’s Ready to Rock courses are designed for those who have climbed inside and want to learn about climbing outside on trad routes.


2021 course dates:

15th May – FULL

17th June – FULL

11th Oct


Patreon Expedition and outdoor career support

Expedition and Outdoor Career Support scheme

I get a lot of questions, either about how to build an outdoor career, or how to plan an expedition. I love getting these emails but have trouble answering in the best way I can. Therefore, I’ve set up a support scheme through patreon. There are lots of different levels of support. Check them out and let me know what you think.

*NEW* One Day Safety Courses

Feeling a bit rusty? Have been out but want to improve your skills? Know that there are gaps in your knowledge especially if things don’t go to plan?

Don’t wait for things to go wrong and have to muddle through. Instead, come on a one day safety course which focuses on improving skills, avoiding problems and running through what to do if things do go wrong.


It was mountaineering which first took me to remote parts of the world. There I had to overcome both physical, as well as logistical, challenges. The rewards could be unexpected; insights into places of the world little heard about, local hospitality and the breath-taking stillness of the mountains on a perfect day.


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The Seven Sins of High-Altitude

There are a few common mistakes people make at high-altitude. In this blog post I detail seven of these mistakes. Ignore them and some could have deadly consequences.    … The Seven Sins of High-Altitude


The Alternative Reading List for Mountain Leaders

As the summer stretches out many people are getting out in the hills and clocking up Quality Mountain Days (QMDs) in preparation for their Mountain Leader assessment. Navigation and emergency… The Alternative Reading List for Mountain Leaders


How to stay warm in the mountains

Following on from the interest in my post about Ways to keep your hands and feet warm in the mountains I thought I’d write an article with more general tips… How to stay warm in the mountains