WEEKLY PHOTO: Travel in the Caucasus mountains, Georgia

The northern border of Georgia is a jagged crest of snowy mountains, dividing it from southern Russia. Travel in the Caucasus mountains, which rise to over 5000 m, give a dramatic backdrop to the villages, farms and churches.

Whilst exploring Georgia the landscape skipped as a season as summer turned abruptly into winter. We went from watching the grape harvest in Georgia’s famous vineyards and picking pomegranates to walking through fresh, wet snow in the mountains.

Georgians are a religious bunch, and like to build churches perched airily above villages, overlooking valleys and surveying mountains all around. Even for heathens such as myself it’s worth the walk to take in the views and learn about Georgian life.

It is interesting that, as a woman, to enter the orthodox churches and cathedrals I must cover my head and wear a skirt. In many churches wraps and head scarves are provided at the entrance, but carrying two shawls can be useful.

The church pictured is Gergeti Trinity Church close to the mountain of Kazbek (5033 m) on the Georgian/Russian border. It’s a great walk from the village of Stepantsminda. Unfortunately, the Russians and Georgians may share a border and a religion but they don’t share many other views and relations are difficult, but that’s another blog post.

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