WEEKLY PHOTO: River crossing, Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

In 2011 I travelled to the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan. We had planned a mountaineering expedition. As with any sort of adventure travel we had an adventure! Travelling by car (a 4×4 jeep would have been much more suitable) along the Wakhan to where we were to set out on foot we got stuck crossing one of the many rivers.

We (read, the men from the local village – I wasn’t allowed to help) got the car out unscathed and it didn’t delay us too much. What I love about this photo is that even if people don’t speak the same language, no matter how alien the culture, how different our lives are and how different we perceive other people to be from us, all people have similar emotions and human empathy transcends any cultural or language barriers. In this photo we can all tell exactly who owns the car…..

In 2015 I am going back to the Wakhan, leading a trekking expedition for Secret Compass.


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