WEEKLY PHOTO: Lenin on the scrap heap, Azerbaijan


This photo was taken in central Azerbaijan, a small country in the southern Caucasus, bordering the Caspian Sea, Russia, Iran as well as the other south Caucasus countries of Georgia and Armenia.

The dismantled statue of the Russian communist revolutionary, Lenin, in a scrap yard in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan, seemed to capture the current political feeling in the country whilst I was travelling there in 2011.

Having travelled widely throughout the former Soviet Union I am used to seeing statues of Lenin, often dilapidated and abandoned, but not usually dismantled.

I’ve even visited Lenin, embalmed in his mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow. A bizarre experience, being the only visitor in the subterranean bunker in which he is interned in and guarded by two dozen soldiers.

In Azerbaijan, amongst the rubble and broken down cars, despite being split in two, Lenin still seems to have a presence. In a country where he is no longer relevant he doesn’t seem to look sorry for himself, just stoic in adversity.


If you are interested in travelling to some of the more obscure places in the world, you should always look up your government’s travel advice for the region. For British citizens this is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and advice for Azerbaijan can be found here.


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