WEEKLY PHOTO: Blue domes of Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Bukhara is one of three fabled cities in Uzbekistan, Samarkand and Khiva being the other two. All are fortified cities where the skyline is dominated by blue domes and and minarets. The cities came into western conciousness during the 1800s when Russia and Britain were vying for influence in the region, a period known as The Great Game. The Khans who ruled the cities played the great powers off each other and many of their envoys came to a sticky end. In Bukhara the infamous ‘bug pit’, where several British Officers were incarcerated, still exists.

I travelled to Uzbekistan in 2011 and explored these ancient cities, walking the ramparts and climbing to the top of minarets. This photo sums up the cities for me, with impressive fortifications, protecting the blue tiled domes which rise out of the desert like precious gems.

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