This course is for those who want to take their scrambling to the next level. For higher grade scrambles which require the planned use of a rope.

Price is per group of people for 2 days instruction. Maximum 2 people. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions these people should be from the same household.


2 days

1:2 max


This course introduces using a rope and harness for scrambles. These scrambles are typically grade 2-3. The course will cover the following:

  • Selecting a route.
  • What sort of rope and putting together a scrambling rack.
  • Route finding.
  • When to get the rope out.
  • Safe belaying.
  • Use of natural anchors, passive and active gear.
  • Building belays.
  • Different methods of using a rope.
  • Shortening the rope by taking coils.

Courses are available throughout the summer, both on weekends and weekdays. If you would like a specific date please contact me in advance to check availability.