Adventure Travel

Project Brief.


Travelling adventurously is what we do. Are you an organisation, company or individual who needs guidance on an adventure destination?


Itinerary, logistics and budget

Let us suggest a suitable itinerary, organise logistics and suggest local guides and fixers. Experience in acclimatisation plans for high altitude expeditions.


Feasibility studies

Research on the potential for adventure travel in any specific destination or region.


Risk assessment

Analysis of specific environmental and activity risks are made in order to give recommendations which will reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents.


Incident management plan

This concise document conveys what to do if an incident does occur. A communication plan together with location of the best medical facilities are collated to be at your finger tips if needed.



A full recce of the destination and adventure activities. This maybe be recommended as standard depending on the destination.



Destination and environment training for expeditions to mountains, deserts, jungle, polar regions and savannah.

Specific skills training such as staying safe and healthy in urban or remote environments as well as outdoor skills such as campcraft or navigation. With a description of the environment and aim of travel we can suggest a full list of skills which will help your trip run smoothly.


Contact us and we can discuss your needs.