PHOTO ESSAY: Buzkashi Drama, Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

Buzkashi is said to be the game which polo originated from. Like polo it is played on horseback. Unlike polo it is an individual game and played with a decapitated goat (or the head of a prisoner).

Deep in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan the Kyrgyzstan, fabled horsemen, still regularly play buzkashi. On a recent Secret Compass expedition I led to the Wakhan Corridor we were fortunate to watch a game.

It was fast, aggressive game, full of drama. The riders were prepared to take falls and at one point horses fell, riders got trampled and Stacy nearly got clotheslined by the dead goat. It all got a bit out of hand. Luckily, the riders dropped the goat within a whisker of Stacy and the fallen riders just received bruises.

Here are some photos which illustrate the game we saw.




IMG_8823_crop       IMG_8391_crop












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