Expedition Training

Planning, leadership & skills training

Central to the aim of …all but essential travel… is training for expeditions in the form of courses and workshops. This is achieved through practical outdoor-based expedition courses as well as theoretical workshops based inside.

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Bespoke courses are available on request. To arrange a bespoke workshop or course, or to enquire about an alternative date for regular courses, please get in contact.

Expedition Leadership ONLINE

Half day workshops looking at leadership and communication for outdoor professionals working on expeditions

Mountain expedition training course

Mountain Expedition Preparation Course

The mountain expedition preparation course is a two day course. It is packed full of tips and advice for your future expedition. The fundamental aim of the expedition preparation course is to build confidence and give you the edge in the mountains, so that you get the most out of your trip.

Next course:

29-30th August 2020 – Snowdonia

How to Plan an expedition

A workshop with a step-by-step guide on how to plan an expedition and overcome an expedition’s unique planning challenges. On this expedition planning workshop we are able to guide you through the research and planning stages so you don’t miss anything. Get all the information and top tips you need to get your idea off the ground in this workshop.


24 June 2020 Trip Planning Series: Remote Expeditions