WEEKLY PHOTO – Dhows, Mozambique Island

Mozambique Island, a Unesco World Heritage site, lies off the northern coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. In August 2012 I travelled overland from Zambia, through Malawi and northern Mozambique to Mozambique Island, the most easterly point of my trip. I caught a train through northern Mozambique and after several bus rides reached the coast. Just a handful of backpackers and those driving overland through Africa visit the island which is joined to the mainland by a bridge. Mozambique Island’s architecture reflects the fact that is was a hub for trade in the Indian Ocean from the 15th century. Its old trade links with Arabia, Persia and Madagascar as well as its Portuguese colonial past are evident in the cobbled streets of the Stone Town.The island is dominated by a fort on the northern tip of the island, mosques are built against white washed European-colonial buildings, and the fishing dhows are still in the glassy waters next to white sandy beaches.

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