Are you independently minded?

Workshops to get your ideas off the ground.

Going on a self-planned trip for the first time can mean taking a giant leap of faith and no matter what your stage of life you’re at, setting out to do something new can be nerve racking. Some never quite manage to take that leap. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, it is possible to learn how to go about planning your own trip, reducing the need to muddle through by trial and error on the road.

…all but essential travel… workshops give practical advice on how to get started and give you the skills you need to enjoy a stress-free trip. Preparing before a trip by getting a crash course in the most useful planning resources and learning the generic skills that are useful which ever part of the world you end up in.

“The hardest part is deciding to go!”

Sometimes it is simply knowing where to start; how to put together a good travel plan and creating a trip which could for example enhance a career rather than look like a year-off. Working out how much will it cost and what to think about before leaving, staying safe on the road and much more.

The hardest part is deciding to go! Take the next step with an independent travel or expedition planning workshop.


Ever googled climbing in Nepal or something like that and got 100 web sites offering a packaged experience for £4500 and then felt depressed because your idea of a personal adventure seemed unattainable. I have. My partner and I went to a expedition planning workshop on Friday which was run by Rebecca and it was really useful. We are planning a big trip soon and got a heap of good savi advice. Lots of things to think about but we have a way now to plan a real trip. Thanks

Adrian Macloed